The Camelia, Camelia japonica, is also called the “rose of the winter“. The Camelia „Alba plena“ is resident in Rosswein after the well-known Pillnitzer Camelia the second eldest of the alps in Europe. Since 14 December 2000 the Rossweiner Camelia is a recognized cultural monument.
1797 bought count von Einsiedel the plot of land in the Wolfstal and buildt two greenhouses on it establish.
Since it at the Hofe Friedrich August III wrong and the king, how also count Einsiedel was, a large plant lover, it will have received from the Pillnitzer lock market garden so some botanical rare piece. The old Seifersdorfer chronicle knows to report that there were already 1830 true people migrations to the flowering season to the Wolfstal. Despite numerous owner changes and heavy times were again and again engaged citizens, who made a surviving possible of the Camelia. Gardner masters hard man and carpenter Heller are to be particularly mentioned whereby gardner masters hard man took the Camelia around 1850 and carpenter Heller starting from 1956 for many years into their guard. From 1971 to 2000 the buildings accommodated children around the greenhouse- and youth hostel.
While 1961 the greenhouse were torn off and again built, further reorganization in the year 1992, which contained anew glazing, took place. Since in this measure from cost reasons the side ventilation was not again inserted, this could be retrieved by the good donation readiness of the citizens and different institutions in the year 2003. Since the year 2000 the association for local history Rosswein cares for e.V. with the help of the city administration Rosswein the Camelia.
The kind-fair care takes over the city market garden and often receives thereby guidance from specialists. In recent time developed a good co-operation with the German Kameliengesellschaft e.V.. The association for local history Rosswein e.V. became also further for the preservation of the botanical place to begin and is pleased about its donations bankdistrict savings bank Doebeln account 31031371 password Camelia a beautiful tradition the annually taking place Camelianparty at the beginning of March. Celebrate they together with us the receipt of this beautiful plant and secure them thus continuing the camelia place Rosswein.
They reach the greenhouse to foot from Rosswein along the Freiberger Mulde, direction Gleisberg, in the local part Wolfstal. Over the pictorial moving way „100 Stufen“ past at „Grafs Ruhe“gelangen it to the greenhouse. If they visit Rosswein with their passenger car, then they follow starting from citycentre of the sign-posting Seifersdorf/Freibad. From the parking lot of the Freibad there is only few minutes to foot to the greenhouse. In the greenhouse guidance are offered when desired and expert information. Beside the 200 years old white Camelia further far-smooth-magnificent Camelian species and exotic plants are too admire like for example a figtree, a silver acacia and palms. For it the greenhouse from January is opened for Saturday to March and Sundays of 11.00 o’clock to 16,00 o’clock in each case. Special guidance are possible naturally also under the week after arrangement. Information receives you under the telephone numbers
(0151) 70 11 01 51

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